Adam Biederman

Director of Content

Adam Biederman was born and raised in sunny Santa Barbara, California.  At Pepperdine University he juggled a double major in Economics and Creative Writing.  There, in his Junior and Senior years, he won the Douglas Writing Scholarship for two separate portfolios of short stories and poetry. An aspiring screenwriter, he began working in the film industry in 2010, most recently in television development at NBC Universal.

His most notable script is a dark comedy that was optioned by Mpower Pictures, where it currently languishes in development hell.  An avid reader, he is well versed on a variety of topics and spends his free time researching, discussing and writing about current events.  His passions include, books, sports, politics, philosophy, film, television, travel and unhealthy food.  He is deathly afraid of aneurisms, sharks, and writing about himself in the third person.