Danny Karel

Creative Executive

Hailing from the sun-soaked beachside town of Santa Monica, California, Daniel was raised with a skateboard in one hand and a book in the other. This made certain things challenging for him–mowing the lawn, shaking hands–but sometimes he exchanged the skateboard for a pencil, and in those moments managed to compose essays that justified his matriculation at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he spent four years studying the works of the world’s greatest philosophers and writers.

After graduating, he spent time vagabonding around Hawaii and Europe, cultivating his sentence-making skills while contributing essays and articles to various publications. Now, having settled down in San Francisco, California, he draws endless inspiration from the city’s Victorian architecture and robust literary history.

There are few things that excite Daniel more than a well-composed sentence (environmental justice, maybe). He exercises this passion by writing exquisite copy at breakneck speeds, and by contributing articles to a weekly print newspaper.

If you’re in need of top-tier copy, he would love to write that for you, too.