Shawn Rolph

CEO / Chief Editor

Shawn is a writer, entrepreneur, emo music enthusiast, and lover of character-driven tragedies, particularly in the world of fantasy. Often wishing he were someone important in a world where both magic and dragons are rampant, he spends his time writing, playing guitar, writing sad poetry for his dismal Instagram following, enjoying a crisp glass of white wine, and critiquing popular novels.

Having moved to Los Angeles in 2012, Shawn scrambled in the film industry until he landed a job at the film production company Mpower Pictures. Pursuing his dream of screenwriting, he managed a team of writers that helped develop projects, doctor scripts, create treatments and TV bibles, and assist with all things creative. As projects were green lit, he spent his time working on sets for the films he had a hand in developing.

Today, Shawn is a full-time writer that has redirected his focus towards the world of digital marketing. If he’s not crying over a character that died in a novel he finished a month ago, then he’s probably working late hours or falling down a rabbit hole on Reddit. His dream is to one day become a successful fiction novelist.