Why Choose Copycat?

Why We’re Better Copywriters

One of the most vital facets to a digital marketing company’s success is compelling written content. Whether you run a SEO-heavy platform or a simpler consumer-based strategy, the fact is, you’re going to require a hefty amount of content to populate your site. One of the unfortunate byproducts of a skyrocketing demand for copy is an industry oversaturated with copywriters who produce low-quality and low-effort material. The good writers, alas, seem to exist elsewhere, too busy with their own creative endeavors.

That’s where we come in. We are a team of professional and experienced writers that have chosen to channel all of our energy and talent into the copywriting industry. As mentioned, the standard for quality copy across the industry is very low. Our goal is to raise that bar, creating an industry wide paradigm shift in what is expected from copywriters. Think we’re blowing smoke? Try us. Reach out for proof of content and make your own judgment. We proudly stand by our work. This is not a side gig for us, nor is it a nice source of supplemental income, our aspiration is to become the one-stop-shop for copywriting and writing services in general.

We Do Your Outsourcing

We understand that outsourcing can be both a nuisance and a time drain. You have large volumes of content in need of producing and as a result, you have to spend time managing a host of independent writers; ensuring that they not only hit their deadlines, but also follow your instructions and deliver content that is worth the cost. Odds are, with so many different players involved, you find that the voice, delivery time or skill of these writers to be wildly inconsistent.

With us, you no longer have to worry about those things. Streamline your content through our umbrella and you will not have to deal with a single writer. A key component of our methodology is quality control, whereby we work together to make sure that large projects remain at a consistent caliber front to back. Our goal is to make your life easier and to help you simplify how you assign and manage your content.

We are currently a staff of four fulltime writers, but it is our desire to hire on more. Currently, in the rare cases where we cannot handle the work internally, we outsource to other reputable writers we trust and can vouch for, ensuring that our client receives the same standard of quality. Our goal is to remove the burden from your shoulders and make managing the import and export of your content easier.

We Do It All

From B2B, B2C, straight-copy, long-form and short-form, ghostwriting, blog spots or articles, we can handle it all. If you’re tired of long deadlines and inconsistent quality, we can guarantee a faster delivery and higher quality product. Being that we work as an engine, with all of us writing under the same umbrella, we can sustain prodigious bandwidths and turn them out faster than you are used to. One of our main focuses here at Copycat is to ensure a higher quality of content streaming at a faster rate than anywhere else.

Your Budget: let’s work together

The new age of copywriting is a rapidly evolving market. One of the patterns we have noticed is an industry practice of cutting costs by outsourcing projects to writers who charge the least amount. Unfortunately, the idiom ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in the world of copy.

That is not our practice. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a client’s budget to satisfy their needs, bring light to their vision, and help to grow their internet presence. We are flexible and happy to negotiate and work with your budget because you should be able to afford high quality copywriting without it costing you an arm and a leg. We make that a reality.